Troop RSVP for Webelos Woods

The unit leader needs to RSVP for Webelos Woods.


Troop Contact for Webelos Woods

List the adult leader in charge of the troop for the camporee, if it is not the Scoutmaster.

Estimated Unit Registration Numbers

Please give us estimated numbers so we can assign campsites. The registration fee will be paid online with final numbers closer to the event date.

Do not include Webelos Scouts.

Unit Support

Every troop and crew is expected to help at Webelos Woods. In the comments, please provide a brief description of the competition event that your unit is willing to run.  Include a list of any items that the Webelos Scouts will need to bring (e.g., ropes for knots, or kindling for fire building). Smaller units might be combined with other units to run events. Events are typically 45 minutes such as:

• Boy Scout Totin Chip
• Camping
• Knots / Lashings
• First Aid 
• Fire Starting
• Wood Carving

...and/or help with other tasks:

• Build the Saturday night campfire
• Emcee the campfire
• Host Scouts Own Service
• Help with parking on Friday night
• Support the key staff (e.g., tallying scores, picking up score sheets)
• Logistics (e.g., move equipment, check on port-a-potties, distribute / fill water jugs)
• Security 
• Admin (check-in, HQ)
• Health and safety


Unit Visits

Webelos Scouts and their parents are encouraged to visit troops throughout the weekend. They may visit anytime.  This is a good time for them to meet the adult leadership and watch the units in action. Webelos Scouts and parents are encouraged to ask questions and learn about the units. This is your time to shine and recruit potential Scouts.  Your Scouts should introduce themselves to the Webelos Scouts and their parents. Consider handing out flyers about your units.

October Roundtable

Please send a representative to October roundtable. See the district calendar for date.

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