District Recognitions

Once a year, the Arrowhead District recognizes outstanding adult volunteers who help make our district successful at the district dinner. All Scouters are encouraged to nominate fellow Scouters who have served our district and communities youth above and beyond the call of duty. 

All nominations must be submitted by January roundtable. Awards are presented at the annual District Dinner.




Arrowhead Award

The Arrowhead Award is presented to Scouters who have rendered noteworthy service to the youth of Arrowhead District and should have contributed some service to youth in the community outside of Scouting. The service may consist of either a single action that affected a large group of youth in Scouting or service to a small group of youth for an extended period of time. Earning Scouter awards, knots and keys, as well as training, are taken into consideration, as well as the nominee’s attitude toward and cooperation with district and council.

Arrowhead Nomination Form        Hard Copy


Year Name Award
2016 Tony Boulanger, Betty Goon, Craig Kersting, Angie Lopez, Rhyan Mays North Star Award
2010 James Blakeman, Terri Cagle, Sam Ferguson, Mehrdad Ghofraniha, Ron Herbanek, Terry Leong, Mary Parkinson, Christina Russell, Tony Scharp, John Sturgis North Star Award
2009 Bill Griffin, Sam Grover, Robert Lee, Long Pham, Glenn Turner, Jr. North Star Award
2008 CJ Soto, Gary Ray, Jerry Alwais, Lisa Williams, Marlowe Bentley, Steve Leeson, Chris Crosby, Scott Icenhower, Beelin Ericssson, Cindy Cummings, Nicholas Olheiser, Robert Saucedo, Alex Deschamps Tomahawk Award
2007 Andy Clark, Veniece Griffin, Susan Harrison, Paul Lord, Amy Pace, Jerre Parker, John Sturgis, Alice Sung, Randy Taylor, Joe Ysaguirre Tomahawk Award
2006 Doug Acker, Terry Brown, Denise Frazier, Ron Jones, Bob Joyner, Jerry Kobos, Guy Parker, Arun Rajan, Crystal Smith, Tina Turner Tomahawk Award
2005 Dave Fredericksen, Mario Batres, BJ Bonner, Sarah Brown, Dwayne Culp, Bill Farrell, Dan Harvey, Terry Hess, Glenda Moore, Sally Szpakowski Tomahawk Award
2004 Lynette Moore, Sharon Psencik, Susan Fredericksen, Algy Alfred, Bob Dodd, Matt Dugan, Stephen Hann, Ed Lee, Cathy McFarland, Steven Stout Tomahawk Award
2003 Jim Szpakowski, Louis Davis, Roberto Duran, Mary Boyd, Jesse Hicks, Angie Holiday, Robert McClendon, Rhea Scadden, Mary Smith, Chris West Tomahawk Award
2002 Jim Rice, Tim Richard, Brian Turner, Chris Connolly, Dennis Olheiser, Bob Barker, Bret Dyer, Kim Icenhower, Charles McLaren, Mark Whitt Tomahawk Award
2001 Nathan Doherty, Rick Conley, Daniel Cawthon, Chuck Daniels, Terry Masterson, Sara McAllister, Sharon Moak, Howard Weliver Tomahawk Award
2000 Mike Morton, Faith Ownby, Max Nelson, Sandy Danna, John Pyle, Phil Klosowsky, Ida Levine, Rosemarie Maw, Cathy Morton, David Scharling, Joni Sherwood, Brian Smith, Nancy Smith, David Strickland, David Van Kleeck Tomahawk Award
1999 Debbie Wedelich, Ruth-Collins Smith, Gary McFarland, Tom Faires, Tom Cope, Hank Wedelich, Ray Albrecht, Gus Evans, Chris Gianakos, Sandy Levine, Jack Mohr, Donna Saunders, Brian Smith, Cecil Teilke, Rick Wertz Tomahawk Award
1998 Rick Dawson, Chris Facemire, Don Hooper, Mike Huss, Terry Leong, Mary Lockwood, Steve Lutz, Mike Nelson, JoAnn Smith Tomahawk Award
1997 Carolyn Schmidt, Pat Moore, Nancy Alemany, Helen Soto, Larry Danna, George Jones, John Espinosa, Steve Griffith, Linda Klink, Hector Martinez Tomahawk Award
1996 Debby Shipley, Sandra Wood, Phil Steffen, Mary Jones, Mary Ellen Wahlheim, Fred Chladek, Mary Gianakos, Scott Grimm, Joe Hammer Tomahawk Award
1995 Allen Schmidt, Don Scherer, Cindy Mozisek, Judy Doherty, Bob Shelby, Mark Hotze, Gerald Mixon, Stephanie Wilson Tomahawk Award
1994 Frank Gill, Carol Kufrin, Susan Arevalo, Roel Arevalo, Victor Mozisek, Bill Kinney, Sherry Gill, Dan Goon, David Pyle, Jim Behne, Joyce Fogelman, Carroll Jackson Tomahawk Award
1993 Tom Stone Tomahawk Award

In 2009, Tomahawk and North Star Districts were a part of Tomahawk District.
In 2018, Tatanka and North Star merged into Arrowhead District.

Family of the Year Award

The family is an important part of Scouting. Family support for each youth is vital to his or her success in Scouting. Those parents who volunteer as leaders are a vital support for other kids, as well as their own. The extra effort that parents put forth as leaders, in addition to their family responsibilities, deserve to be recognized. But when the whole family is involved in Scouting, they deserve recognition all the more. The Family of the Year award is a way to honor these families by selecting, from those nominated, the family whose work as a team in Scouting has made the greatest difference in our community.

Family of the Year Online Nomination        Hard Copy


Year Family of the Year
2016 Dan & Betty Goon
2010 Daniel & Janette Cawthon
2009 Mary & Truitt Smith
2008 Gary, Cathy, Stephen, Bobby, Brad, and Katie McFarland 
2007 Brian, Tina, Chad, Jared, and Brandon Turner 
2006 Rick, Laurie, John, and Lindsey Conley 
2005 Dave, Susan, Lindsey, and Sean Fredericksen 
2004 Lynette, Pat, Alaire, Brett, Devin, Flynn, Kyle, and Ryan Moore 
2003 Debbie, Hank, David, Jeffrey, Keith, and Laura Wedelich 
2002 Larry and Sandy Danna
2001 Tom, Cristi, Dana, Eric, and Julia Stone
2000 Allen, Carolyn, Kevin, Nathan, and Ryan Schmidt
1999 Brad, Brian, Cindy, Scott, and Victor Mozisek
1998 Judy and Nathan Doherty
1997 George, Joe, and Mary Jones
1996 Cindy, Adam, Jacob, and Rex Covens
1995 Frank, Jason, Ryan, and Sherry Gill
1994 Roel and Susan Arevalo
1990 Bob, Debbie, and Gary Goldstein
1989 Lu, David, and John Pyle

Partner in Scouting Award

Our Scouts and Scout units rely on support from our community to provide a successful program. Their contributions of time, manpower, facilities, and funding often are behind the scenes. These people, businesses, organizations, and groups provide support and encouragement for our Scouts and Scouters.

Partner in Scouting Online Nomination          Hard Copy


Year First Name Last Name Award














District Award of Merit

The District Award of Merit is a council award presented by districts in the same manner that the Silver Beaver is a national award presented by councils. The award is available to Scouters who render service of an outstanding nature at the district level. The award is made available annually on the basis of one for every 25 traditional units or fraction thereof. The district need not present all the awards to which it is entitled each year. It is not appropriate to nominate a Scouter who has already received this award. A professional Scouter or council employee may not receive this award based on employment service. However, a professional Scouter or employee who also serves as a volunteer Scouter may be eligible, based on volunteer service.

District Award of Merit Online Nomination           Hard Copy


Year District Award of Merit Recipient
2016 John Deveaux, Connie Ng
2014 Steven Franz
2012 Bill Griffin, James Blakeman, Michael Lyons
2011 Algy Alfred Jr, 
2010 Sam Grover, Glenn Turner, Jr.
2009 Daniel Cawthon, Dan Harvey
2008 Doug Acker, Andy Clark, Matt Duggan, Susan Fredericksen, Tina Turner
2007 Bill Farrell, Jerry Kobos, Bob McClendon, Cathy McFarland, David Van Kleeck
2006 Dwayne Culp, Steven Stout, Mary Boyd,
2006 Mary Smith
2006 Kim Icenhower
2005 Lynette Moore
2005 Nathan Doherty
2005 Sharon Psencik
2005 Jim Szpakowski
2004 Louis Davis,
2004 Roberto Duran
2004 Mike Morton
2004 Tim Richard
2004 Brian Turner
2003 Tom Faires
2003 Jim Rice
2003 Chris Connolly
2003 Dennis Olheiser
2003 Faith Ownby
2002 Debbie Wedelich
2002 Hank Wedelich
2002 Gary McFarland
2002 Ruth-Collins Smith
2002 Rick Conley
2001 Cindy Mozisek
2001 Victor Mozisek
2001 Thom Cope
2001 Nancy Alemany
2001 Max Nelson
2000 Carolyn Schmidt
2000 Sandra Wood
2000 Calvin Holster
2000 Phil Steffen
1999 Mary Jones
1999 Frank Gill
1999 Bill Kinney
1999 Helen Soto
1998 Pat Moore
1998 Larry Danna
1998 Don Scherer
1998 Debby Shipley
1998 Mary Ellen Wahlheim
1997 Judy Doherty
1997 Charles Melvin
1997 Bob Shelby
1996 Allen Schmidt
1996 Sherry Gill
1996 Dan Goon
1996 Bob Phillips
1995 Tom Stone
1995 Roel Arevalo
1995 Susan Arevalo
1995 Susan Hurley
1994 Kirby Kinney
1994 Dawn Rigsby
1994 Ralph Spiga
1994 Don Winsor
1993 Cindy Covens
1993 Craig Moore
1993 David Harris
1993 Rod Ellis
1992 Bob Goldstein
1992 Debbie Goldstein
1992 Cindy Mayes
1991 Josh Mayes
1991 Julie Jackson
1991 Bob Schaer
1990 Mark Danna 
1990 Ron Hollas
1989  Curtis Ammons
1989  Bob Tomlinson
1988  Cynthia D. King
1988  Douglas A. Ladd
1988  David L. Udall
1987  Bill Bailey,
1987  Dean Neal
1986 David Pyle
1986 Thomas Krouskop
1985 Lu Pyle
1985 Bill Creaser
1985 Butch Prewitt
1985 Gary Robinson
1984 Johnnie Bush
1984 Victor Horvath
1982 Jim Bain
1982 Dick Querlein
1982 Dick Zuerlein
1981 Gene Bonden
1978 Lawrence Elkins

Chartered Partner of the Year

The purpose of the Chartered Partner of the Year is to encourage excellence in relationships between chartered partners and the council, to provide examples of excellence in relationships from which others may learn, and to create an annual recognition providing visibility for recipients of the award. Nominees are from religious bodies, educational groups, civic/service/fraternal associations, business/industry/labor, and military/veterans’ organizations. Nominees must charter a unit(s) within the Sam Houston Area Council boundaries. The chartered partner should demonstrate outstanding or distinctive relationships beyond the normal expectation; provide noteworthy service to youth, contributing to increased youth participation; cooperates with the district and/or council; involve the instructional head in the selection of quality unit leadership; and cause a greater comprehension in the use of Scouting within the community organization.

Chartered Partner Award Online Nomination         Hard Copy


Year Name











Eagle Scout Project of the Year

The Tatanka District Eagle Scout Project of the Year Award is for the Eagle Scout project, completed in the award year, that is deemed to be the most outstanding of those nominated, based on the need for the service, leadership provided, the benefit to the recipient, scope of project, and lasting impact. Projects considered will have met the criteria as specified by BSA, and may be nominated for recognition by any registered adult leader. All projects performed by Tataka District registered Scouts are eligible for consideration. 

The award is presented at the annual district dinner. If the recipient is not able to attend the dinner, the award will be presented to the recipient as soon as possible. Please remember this nomination is confidential, and to avoid any disappointment, please do not advise your nominee in any way of your action on their behalf. Awards will be determined in the fairest way possible.

Eagle Scout Project of the Year  Nomination Form  


Year Name