Chartered Partner of the Year Nomination

The Arrowhead District Chartered Partner of the Year Award is presented to those organizations that:

  • Demonstrate outstanding or distinctive relationships beyond the normal expectation
  • Provide noteworthy service to youth contributing to increased youth participation
  • Cooperates with the district and council
  • Helps select and recruits quality unit leadership
  • ​Causes greater comprehension in the use of Scouting within the community​

Chartered Partner of the Year Recognition History

The award is presented at the annual district dinner. If the recipient is not able to attend the dinner, the award will be presented to the recipient as soon as possible. Please remember this nomination is confidential, and to avoid any disappointment, please do not advise your nominee in any way of your action on their behalf. Awards will be determined in the fairest way possible.

Nomination Form


List unit type and amount of time each unit has been chartered.


Describe the noteworthy service for which this nomination is being made. Include both Scouting and community information.