Arrowhead Nomination

The Arrowhead Award is presented to Scouters who have:

  • Provided outstanding support in our district or to a unit in our district
  • Have rendered noteworthy service to our district and or council
  • Actively participates in training and earning Scouter awards, knots or keys
  • Is considered to be a positive role model for other leaders and youth

Registered Scouters in the Arrowhead District are eligible and may be nominated by any registered Scouter. The award is presented at the annual district dinner. If the recipient is not able to attend the dinner, the award will be presented to the recipient as soon as possible. Please remember this nomination is confidential, and to avoid any disappointment, please do not advise your nominee in any way of your action on their behalf. Awards will be determined in the fairest way possible.

Arrowhead Award Recognition History

Describe the noteworthy service for which this nomination is being made. Include both Scouting and community information.